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What is WOD at Health & Fit De Werf in The Hague?

WOD derives from the CrossBox lessons and is an abbreviation of “Workout of the Day”. A WOD generally contains a few different exercises and will roughly take about 15 minutes. During this time, you execute a combination of exercises or a certain amount of repetitions. The focus is on your own performance; every WOD you compete with yourself, to push yourself to reach your ultimate fitness goals!

The intense nature of this dynamic training will benefit your body but can also refresh your mind. It can reinvigorate the start of your working day, possibly offering new insights and ideas.

A WOD is suitable for anyone looking to lose weight or gain muscle mass, looking to reenergise and improve endurance. It can also be helpful to fine-tune your technique.

Because of the diverse and varied nature of a WOD you burn fat, build muscle and improve your stamina. Our professional and experienced trainers will always help you improve your Workout of the Day, while ensuring a safe and clean environment to train.

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