Abs Workout
in The Hague

What is the Abs Workout at Health & Fit De Werf The Hague?

The Abs Workout is exactly what you expect: this intense 30-minute workout focuses on strengthening and toning your abdominal muscles. If you strive for a clearly defined and visible six pack, it is important to review your eating habits. By reducing your caloric intake and increasing your strength training, you will start shaping your abdominal muscles. It is always important to do this in a healthy and considered fashion. When you are unsure about the best diet for your fitness goals, please consider consulting a dietitian, to find out what works best for you.

Adding additional cardio elements and strength training exercises to complete your workout, will help you burn off fat and see results quickly!

Everyone is welcome to join our Abs Workout, regardless of your fitness level. These group sessions are a nice way to challenge yourself. Our professional and experienced trainers will help you reach your fitness goals and will always ensure a safe and healthy environment to work out.

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