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What is Cardio at Health and Fit De Werf in The Hague

Are you interested in improving your Cardiovascular health through exercise, Health & Fit is the gym for you! Cardio is a specific type of fitness training, adapted to your monitored heart rate. Through different types of training and exercises, the aim is to maintain a constant heart rate, to improve endurance and encourage weight loss. Cardio is beneficial to all ages.

Cardio training will rapidly improve your endurance. It will help with the oxygenation of muscles, which enables you to train longer and attain your fitness goals.

Overall, your body will function better when your endurance improves.

During Cardio training your body produces hormones that enhance your sense of well-being and happiness. This reduces stress, helps us think, deal with everyday problems, and eventually reach our fitness goals.

Cardio training is suitable for all age groups, including the elderly. It will improve stamina, heart rate and respiration. It can increase the burning of calories which helps you lose weight.

We know it can be difficult at times to feel overwhelmed by or lack the motivation to incorporate Cardio training. That is where our professional fitness instructors step in, for the necessary encouragement and motivation!
We guarantee a clean and healthy environment to train to your fullest potential.

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Would you like to experience what it is like to do a cardio training at Health and Fit De Werf in The Hague? That’s no problem! There is the possibility to participate in a trial day without obligation.