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What is Wellness at Health De Werf in The Hague

Wellness in The Hague stands for the human search for the balance between
body and soul. Although the word now evokes relaxation, it can also stand for effort: after all, exertion can also lead to relaxation.

Wellness is wellbeing and fitness. As a whole, wellness is the choice for a healthy way of life, a healthy way of moving and mental well-being. This healthy way of living and thinking should lead to a stress-free, healthy and harmonious life. The dichotomy is immediately clear: relax and exert yourself.

Also, wellness is not only relaxing, it is also healthy! It has a regulating effect on your blood pressure, you improve your resistance and your body is ‘rinsed clean’. Your blood pressure drops in the sauna. The heat widens your blood vessels, giving the blood more room to flow. During cooling, the opposite happens.

For whom is Wellness

Wellness is for everyone, young or old, it doesn’t matter, everyone is welcome! If you want to relax, wellness is ideal for you. Health and Fit The shipyard in The Hague has a new and fresh environment for wellness.

Book a free trial day for Wellness in The Hague

Would you first like to experience what the wellness is like at Health and Fit De Werf in The Hague? That’s no problem! There is the possibility to participate in a trial day without obligation.


The sauna can help you improve your health. A visit to the sauna is not only nice but also improves your immune system and stimulates and stabilizes the blood circulation. Your body reacts to the heat of the sauna and the cold when you cool down. Sweating allows the body to heal, stay healthy and detoxify naturally.