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What is Saunas at Health and Fit De Werf in The Hague

The sauna can help you improve your health. A visit to the sauna is not only nice but also improves your immune system and stimulates and stabilizes the blood circulation. Your body reacts to the heat of the sauna and the cold when you cool down. Sweating allows the body to heal, stay healthy and detoxify naturally.

Your body reacts strongly to the heat in the sauna. Your body works hard to cool down: you sweat. Due to the high temperature, pores open up and you
dilate blood vessels. This way your skin can be properly clean. You not only lose moisture, but also excess sebum and other dirt. From a study by Dr. Doreen Kowatzki at the University of Jena has shown that the sauna is not only cleansing, but also really healthy for your skin: it strengthens the protective layer and moisturizes the stratum corneum. It also really makes your skin stronger.

Who is the Sauna for

Everyone can use the sauna. We have a new fresh environment for the saunas and our staff will clean it regularly! Hygiene is our top priority, we want everyone to feel comfortable and at ease!

Book a free trial day for Saunas in The Hague

Would you first like to experience what the sauna is like at Health and Fit De Werf in The Hague? That’s no problem! There is the possibility to participate in a trial day without obligation.