Core Workout
in The Hague

What is the Core Workout at Health & Fit in The Hague?

Our Core Workout specifically targets your trunk. During a Core Workout all muscle groups in this area including your abdominal, back, and pelvic muscles are strengthened. All these muscles help stabilise the body and help achieve a toned physique.

Because the stabilising muscles in your back and pelvis control both big and small movements, a strong core will help while exercising but also during your everyday routine.

A Core Workout strengthens and tones your midsection and improves stability and coordination. It optimises the transferral of strength along your entire muscle chain. Therefore, a Core Workout can help in preventing injuries.

A Core Workout is for everyone looking to stabilise and strengthen their core, regardless of their fitness level. Our professional and experienced trainers will help you reach your fitness goals and always ensure a clean and safe environment for you to work out.

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