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What are Calisthenics at Health & Fit De Werf in The Hague?

Calisthenics is a form of training which consists of a variety of movements that exercise large muscle groups. These exercises are performed rhythmically and with minimal equipment, so-called body weight exercises. They are intended to increase strength, endurance, and flexibility through movements such as pulling, pushing, bending, jumping, or swinging, using your own body weight as resistance. Because the movements in Calisthenics are long and fluid you will improve your flexibility, balance, agility, and coordination. You will become less injury prone when working out, but also in your everyday life.


  • You will feel noticeably fitter in no time.
  • Calisthenics is a versatile method of training which improves strength, stamina and coordination. It can be done at high intensity, but you set your own pace!
  • Calisthenics is a method of training suitable for everyone.
  • Our professional instructors offer a safe and clean environment to work out.

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