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What is Yoga at Health & Fit de Werf in The Hague?

The aim of Yoga is to connect with your inner self. The different physical postures keep your body strong and supple, but also allow energy to flow, remove blockages, and create a deeper connection to your body.

Yoga teaches you to balance your body, mind, and awareness. The exercises or so called “Asanas” create a pleasant sense of energy and relaxation. Especially in our busy lives Yoga is an effective way to find peace and relaxation.

Yoga isn’t about difficult and uncomfortable postures. There are certainly some Asanas that require a lot of strength and flexibility, but the majority of the classical
Yoga exercises are fairly easy to perform.

Therefore, Yoga is for everyone, regardless of your age, gender or physical fitness. You don’t need any prior experience with Yoga. During Yoga your attention is focused inward, which allows you to observe what happens in your body and in your mind.

Our professional and experienced trainers will help you where needed and ensure a safe and clean environment to work out.

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